Hey there, I am David Lee. I am a technical strategist, entrepreneur, and vocalist


An individual can be many things in one lifetime

- david lee

As a kid I LOVED to read. In fact, I still do - I just had a lot more time back then. What I loved most about reading was the instant transportation that occurred when I opened a book. In a moment I could travel to another time, city, country or even galaxy. Even more exciting for me was the opportunity to learn cool things I did not already know. History, music, languages, coding – if you could name it, you could find a book and begin to learn. I had the fortunate luck of growing up alongside the development of the Internet. That ability expanded access to knowledge and stories from books to the click of a mouse. All my life I’ve been fascinated by many things, but passionate about a select few.  




If I may humbly add to the wealth of knowledge we all find on the Internet, it is the intent of this site to provide its readers with mine. To that end, I have curated the content of this site to include my main passions and areas of expertise. I welcome you to read, engage, discuss and reach out when you feel compelled by my content to do so. Enjoy and remember that life is absolutely what you make of it, so make it great and have fun doing it.

Much love,